Best Color and Design Options for Promotional Bookmarks

By adminjan3118
February 26, 2014

Did you know that colors have an impact on people? This is what we call color psychology and it plays a huge part in the marketing, advertising and branding world. Have you ever asked how certain brands choose their logo colors and why certain hues are used for television commercials, banners, posters, flyers and promotional bookmarks?  Do you want to know how the said colors affect one’s mood, opinion and impression of products, services and brands? If your answer is yes then the details and information below will surely interest you!

BLACK symbolizes authority, power and formality. It is the easiest font color to read and is easy on the eyes. Too much of such a dark hue though can come gloomy, intimidating and sad. But with the right elements such can be used to exude mystery. If that’s what your campaign is going for then black will be your dominant element.

GRAY is a very neutral and conservative choice. It is not advisable to use it alone. It is, although, a good hue to use in order to make the other elements of a design pop out better. Grays too do well as neutralizers for very powerful layout elements.

WHITE is all about purity, simplicity, fairness, cleanliness structure and organization. It creates calmness and peace but too much white can also come bland and boring. It is used to often create contrast and neutralize dark and bright colors. It is also furnished to add light and brightness.

RED is very dynamic, energetic and attention grabbing. It connotes excitement and passion. This is why red is always related to love, hearts and Valentine’s Day. It can also denote strength and power. It is a very dominant hue but should be used carefully. Too much of it can be overwhelming though. Bright reds too are painful to the eyes in the long run so avoid putting your text on such a background.

BLUE is all about honesty, trust and dependability. Have you noticed how most social networking sites have blue logos (i.e. Facebook and Twitter)? The same holds true for your computer’s default desktop themes. Blue is also calm and easy on the eyes.

bookmarks colorsYELLOW is bright, happy, illuminating and provides for mental clarity, analytical thinking and memory. This is one of the reasons why the infamous Mongol Pencil brand has yellow as its body color.

GREEN is all about nature, healing, peace and health. It would be no wonder why many hospitals and clinics go for some green in their logos. At the same time it is easy on the eyes. Take a look at your black boards for example!

METALLIC symbolizes class and elegance. This type of metal bookmarks are often the chosen by banks, social organizations and high end corporations.


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