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Book Printers on Layout Mistakes to Avoid

September 3, 2015 / No Comments

book printingWhen it comes to publications, the layout is one of the most crucial design and technical elements to work on. It speaks a lot of the visual presentation of the contents of your book. The inability to work on it well will return a poor production output, a visually unappealing book and worse an illegible print. There are a lot of mishaps and mistakes that authors and fellow creatives make when they take on such task. Let’s take them on one by one as enumerated by London’s elite group of book printers for us to know what to avoid, what to fix and what to work on.

Blank Right Hand Pages – It is common for most books to have a blank left hand page. However, what is not acceptable is one’s failure to optimize the right hand pages as this is where the reader’s eyes initially lead to. This is a major no-no on publications.

Inconsistent Formats – Everything from alignments, spacing, margin, indentation, font styles, borders and whatnot must be consistent all throughout. It will look particularly messy and unprofessional if you do so otherwise.

Messy Headers – Either you have it or you don’t. It’s mostly a personal choice but once you choose to have text on the headers, it must be consistent. Oftentimes the title of the books, the chapter or the author’s name is printed up top.

Poor and Incoherent Folios – Folios are another word for page numbers. When printing, see to it that you put them where they belong. Remember that there are pages that must be left blank while others must furnish Roman numerals instead of the usual digits.

Odd Numbered Left Hand Pages – As mentioned earlier, the right hand side is where the eyes of the reader automatically direct to. This makes it sill to start your page on the left hand side thereby having odd numbered pages on the left and even ones on the right. The rule of thumb in book printing is to have the first page printed on the right hand side.

Failure to Justify – Especially for text heavy publications, everything must be justified. It provides for a formal, clean and sleek look. This is one of the simplest and basic rules to book layouts.

Absence of Bleed – Book printers would also like to stress about the importance of the bleed marks. These are outer parts of the printed pages that will be cut off during production and are meant as allowance for any production inconsistencies and paper movement.

Book Printers on the Worst Publishing Blunders Authors Could Make

July 14, 2015 / No Comments

When it comes to getting your work published, creators need to remember that there is more to it than just writing or compiling your work. For many, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Not everyone gets to print and spread their masterpieces to the world. It most definitely has to count and you cannot achieve that if you take a side step or a wrong turn during the process. You need not only to know what to do but you also have to be aware of the blunders so you can avoid them on their tracks. To help you with that, book printers in London have spilled about the worst publishing blunders authors make.

Failing to double, triple and even quadruple check…

Yes a lot of editing, revising and proof reading will have to be done in order to ensure that your book is free of errors both content wise and grammar wise. Once it has been printed, there is no going back. This is what your editors, copyeditors and beta readers are for.

Putting minimal effort on the cover art …

Although the cover is not everything, it matters a lot. Given that the visual detail and appeal that it gives a publication, they have to be carefully selected to invoke interest and curiosity over the contents. After all, people see the cover first before they get to read what the pages hold.

Going crazy over typefaces…

Avoid using small and heavily fancy fonts. You have to make reading a breeze and easy on the eyes. To do that, clear and simple fonts will have to be used for the main content of your book. Curly and detail heavy fonts will eventually tire the eyes and reading becomes a chore instead of entertaining. They can still be used but should be limited.

Quantity over quality…

Because budget will always be a thing of concern, many authors plunge into this pitfall. It has to be remembered that the reach is rather temporary. Once your poorly done and manufactured material has slowly suffered wear and tear, readers tend to pick them up less. You want them to last. Make your resources count and go for quality all the time.

book publishingMismatched publication type…

Book printers would like to remind authors that today’s generation is composed of varying readers who each prefer a certain kind of publication output: hardback, paperback and digital. Publish your work on a platform that hits the preference of your readers.

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