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Pocket Doors: A Go or a No Go?

December 13, 2017 / No Comments

pocket-doorsFixtures are an important part of every structure be it a home, office or shop. One of the most popular and considered a versatile piece in this category happens to be pocket doors. But are they actually worth the investment? Are they as versatile as people say they are? Today, we find out as we list down their pros and cons.

But before we proceed let’s first establish some basics. The dictionary describes pocket doors as a usually interior door that opens by gliding along a track into a recess in the wall. It disappears into the wall, thus the moniker, when completely open.


1.    They need little to no swing room. Because they slide instead of swing in order to open and close, pocket doors are ideal space savers. This makes them the perfect option when there is limited space available. Unlike conventional doors that take up just as much room as its full opening, they only need a small pocket which can easily be a few inches.
2.    They can also be used for tight spaces. Pocket doors are also ideal for bathrooms. They can also be incorporated in cabinets, wardrobes and other storage fixtures.
3.    It allows two rooms to be adjoined. Perhaps one of the coolest features to this option, it allows two separate rooms to merge when needed or desired. For example, they can easily open up from the living room towards the patio for a seamless transition during celebratory events. They can also be used between the dining and living rooms or the dining area and the kitchen.
4.    They allow for maximum mobility. Pocket doors are the most wheelchair and disability friendly of fixtures as they only need a slight push in order to open or close.
5.    They are visually attractive. They not only come in a myriad of designs, material and colors but they too easily integrate into a room as its own design piece.


1.    They can be difficult to install. People who have zero to little experience with pocket doors or carpentry in general may find it hard to impossible to DIY them on their own. It is also harder to add them later to an already built structure as the adjoining wall must be at least partially dismantled to create the frame in the studs.
2.    They do not sit as tightly as conventional doors. Pocket doors are designed to roll instead of click into position. Although this can easily be fixed with the wise use of knobs and latches. More on doors at this site

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