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Hardback Book Printing Mishaps to Avoid

June 3, 2015 / No Comments

hard-back-book-printingHi there bookworms and passionate writers! It is of no secret that hardcover publications hold a very special place in our hearts. That’s not just for the reason of durability and aesthetics but also for preference. To each and his own right? For the readers out there as well as to aspiring authors, have you ever wondered how hardback book printing is done? No? Yes? Let’s take a little trip and find out some answers.

Unlike paperbacks, hardbound publications tend to be more long lasting. They have more durability in them given the materials used for the cover. At the same time, many of these tend to be bulkier and heavier. The reason for such is because fatter books tend to need the extra amount of durability to hold them together so they most likely end up having such covers. The process in printing and manufacture is a little similar to paperbacks but this type has an added touch which we call the jacket sleeve. It’s that piece of leather, cloth, paper or card stock wrapped around the book that contains the title, art, plot summary, author and other pertinent details. It can be removed or not but most people would prefer the former as it not only shields the book but also helps retain its value.

Just like any other task, people also tend to commit mistakes during hardback book printing. To warn you about that, we got them all written down below.

  • Failure to Quality Check Materials Used

As mentioned earlier, hardcovers are generally more durable but that will cease to be the case if poor raw materials have been placed into production. Check and validate this with your chosen manufacturers.

  • Weak Adhesive or Stitching

We all hate it when a page easily rips off or the entire body slips out of the cover. Yikes! To avoid this from happening, only make use of the right type of and a strong adhesive or stitching.

  • Not Going for the Best Printers

Always look for and hire the best printing companies otherwise all of your efforts will be wasted. You can’t expect greatness from a team who does not have it. Research and ask around for the best people and companies.

  • Skimping Quality to Save on Costs

Lastly, hardback book printing can turn from exciting to sour if you choose to slash down quality just so you could save some pennies. Don’t.

Self Publishing Companies on Factors to Choosing the Kind of Material for Your Book

April 27, 2015 / No Comments

self publishing companyWhen you enter a shop or library and pan your eyes from one shelf to another, you will come to realize that books come in many forms, colors, sizes, materials, contents and purposes. Of all of these, one of the first things that you will notice visually would have to be the material in which they were made of. Is it a paperback or a hardback? Does it use newsprint or white paper? Matte or glossy? Does it come in colored pages or strictly black and white? There are various factors that bring out these differences according to BookPrintingUK and below are a list of them.

1st Factor: Purpose – The way in which your book is to be used will immensely affect the materials chosen for it. Oftentimes those that are used on a regular basis or have a rather thick body take on a hardback for added sturdiness and protection. A photography and travel portfolio or recipe collection on the other hand may take on glossy and full colored pages to better showcase the images that they contain.

2nd Factor: Need – What are your needs? What does your project call for? This is a case to case basis and can only be answered by you. Say you are taking on a special project like your class yearbook. Whether you go for grayscale or full color, matte or glossy pages and soft or hardback, that will depend on what you need and what you like.

3rd Factor: Budget – Not everything is for everyone. Color comes at a higher price. The thicker, the glossier and the more ink absorbent the paper is then the pricier it becomes. Hardbacks also cost more. One’s budget will surely affect the choices you make because you need to make the most of what you have and make it work as best as you can.

4th Factor: Market – Your target market or the end user of the book you are publishing have preferences. You need to study what those are and choose materials that correspond to that otherwise you risk dropping sales and no one wants that.

5th Factor: Appeal – Lastly, the choice and combination of materials create varying appeals according to self publishing companies. Depending on what you want to achieve, you can mix and match various materials of your book to get the desired effect.

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