Factors and Details to Think About When You Print Your Own Book

By adminjan3118
February 13, 2015

printing your bookWhen you print your own book, a lot of factors and details have to be dealt with and decided on. A process has to be undergone after all and one has to ensure that all things are in their rightful manner to garner the best output there is. Missing one of these can truly be detrimental as creating any publication is no easy feat. It isn’t anywhere near play time either. Take a look below and see if you’ve missed any of the important details to creating your masterpiece!

BUDGET – When you go about printing your book, a budget has to be set up. This is necessary since expenses will be present and resources as we all know can be limited. No one wants to waste what they have. Plus, the amount of financial resources available greatly dictates all the other factors in this list.

MANUSCRIPT – Typing in the last few sentences to your work isn’t the end of it. You have to bring it to an editor for examination of loopholes and errors and then to a copy editor who checks for any grammar faults. It has to be well polished. Besides, do you want to print a piece that’s only half done?

COVER – Choosing a good cover is essential as it embodies the contents of the piece and is what most people often encounter first. It has to evoke interest well. At the same time you have to choose between getting a hardback or a paperback cover.

GRAPHICS – Some books are loaded with images and illustrations. Others have a few while others don’t have at all. You should be certain that all the files and images are ready and tastefully done to complement the book content.

FONT STYLE – You want a legible and readable publication therefore choose basic fonts for the contents and limit fancy ones to chapter titles. They should also be big enough so readers don’t have to squint their eyes.

LAYOUT – Once all the other aspects are done, a layout will be necessary. This pertains to the overall look and placing of the different parts of your book. A professional artist is necessary for this.

BINDING – Depending on your preference, need and budget, you will have to pick among the various binding types. You can go for stitched, adhesive or stapled books. There is no one size fits all and each is advantageous for various reasons.

MANUFACTURER – When you print your own book be sure to only go to trusted manufacturers or publishing companies. Seek quality and not just quantity and affordability.

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