Ideas for Your Next Paper Bookmark Design

By adminjan3118
August 15, 2014

Are you planning to use the trusty good old bookmark for an event, a party, a promotional campaign, a present or simply for one’s own reading needs? Well we’ve got some ideas up our sleeves for your next paper bookmark design. Go on and scroll down. You might find something useful.

THE THOUGHT CARD – With the equipment that we have today, it is fairly easy to print unto all types of paper or engrave on different metal varieties. With this you may choose to add quotes and famous sayings, inspirational thoughts, book and movie lines or even a short message. Choose a font of your choice too!

paper bookmarksCHARMS AND BLINGS – You may opt to add some zing into your bookmarks by using ribbons in different colors and patterns. Beads and charms of varied figures will also look dashing and creative.

THE NAME GAME – If you want something that is really personalized and unique then use the name of the recipient (or even yours for personal use) and have it printed or engraved in a fancy typescript.

PATTERN MIX – Go loco with different pretty patterns. You can use one or a combination of many. Ever heard of the print on print fashion trend? It applies to bookmarks too!

ALL OUT LAYOUT – If you want to try your luck on creating a layout with a certain theme (i.e. floral, fairy tale, beach, vintage, etc.) you may do so by using various editing software. Don’t know how to use one? Don’t worry for there are shops with employed layout artists to help you.

GO CUT OUT – Another option is to choose a specific figure or image such as that of a heart, a dolphin, a flower, a butterfly etcetera and have a portion of it cut out so that it could be slipped into the pages of a book.

WHY NOT ORIGAMI – Have you ever tried the infamous art of paper folding? Well this crafty activity is also a fun design for your bookmarks. Use special quality and designed paper for this. There are various patterns available for this.

PHOTO DIARY – Is there a photo that you like or a certain image that caught your attention? Well you can use that and more for your paper bookmark design. Use one or even a collage of your favorite ones!

So which paper bookmark design appeals to you most?



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