Paper Bookmarks Layout Tips

February 4, 2014

Paper bookmarks have long been considered not just your ordinary page insert. Today these functional reading tools have become a popular giveaway or freebie in events, parties, organizations, campaigns, promotions and more. Because of this they too have evolved in terms of presentation. Gone are the days when they were simple colored papers with ribbons entwined on them. They are not your ordinary bland and plain looking reading tool any longer. With that said designing them has become more distinct and rigorous but fun nonetheless. Now, behold our list of paper bookmarks layout and design tips!

Design Tip # 1: Brainstorm and plan before anything else. Also make sure that you go by your objectives and goals. Are you getting them for a booklover’s club party? Or maybe you’re planning to use it to launch and promote your café’s new menu item? Whatever your purpose is, always make sure that you plan to the dot. It will be your guide. Even if you’ll make adjustments and improvements later on, having something to begin with and follow make things smoother.

Design Tip # 2: Choose a size and shape. You can go from square to rectangle to circle, triangle or go fancy with a heart, a star and whatnot. Pick a size as well that’s neither too small nor too large for most book sizes.

paper bookmarkDesign Tip # 3: Pick a color scheme. Most layouts follow a color scheme. It could be monochromatic, all pastel, black and white or any other color combination of your choice. It allows for better attention as certain colors can attract the eyes better.

Design Tip # 4: Go with a theme. You can also pick a theme to match the message you aim to give. Maybe you can go floral for a garden wedding, sweet and yummy for chocolate bar campaign or fun and magical for a fairytale themed children’s party.

Design Tip # 5: Bring out some catchy phrases. Apart from the colors, backgrounds and images words also make a lot of statement. Pick a quote, a word or a phrase that matches with your theme. See to it that they are readable as well.

Design Tip # 6: A funky photo could do the trick. You can also add images or photographs instead of textures, patterns and colors. It’ll be like a beautiful postcard but in a functional bookmark kind of way.

Design Tip # 7: Last but not the least for our paper bookmarks layout tips; go to a quality printing shop and supplier. This is very important as your efforts can be wasted if you fail to go to a quality and reputable store. Scout, research and canvass printing shops and suppliers that offer superior bookmark printing and layout services.

Finding the Bookmark Shop for Your Party Guest Favours

January 31, 2014

Apart from being the functional “reading trackers” that they are bookmarks have become a favourite party and guest favour all thanks to the various designs, shapes, textures, materials and customization options we all enjoy today. Not only are they useful to people who read out of habit and leisure, they too are useful even to those who only do so casually or as required by their lifestyle and profession. Even so, they bring joy to collectors. So what if you have an event coming and you want to buy them for it? Well, worry no more as we give you a rundown of the places and bookmark shops from which you can buy the said items.

bookmarksWHERE TO BUY # 1: THE GOOD OLD BOOKSTORE – If you want something that has been premade, ready for purchase and easy to find then by all means scout your nearest local bookstore. With publications all over the place there is bound to be tons of reading markers up for sale! This is the place for you if you plan on giving out only around twenty items and wouldn’t mind if they are all similar or in variety.

WHERE TO BUY # 2: THE ADORABLE CRAFT AND SUPPLIES STORE – With all the supplies found in here you are bound to find the bookmarks of your choice in different colours, shapes, designs and kinds. Like the former this is the place to be when you don’t mind getting like or different designs.

WHERE TO BUY # 3: THE GIFT SHOP – If you prefer to find something more unique but still want it to be ready for purchase and wrapping then head to the nearest gift shop where you can find for yourself gift worthy bits and pieces!

WHERE TO BUY # 4: THE KINCKNACKS BOUTIQUE – There too are those quirky shops that sell all sorts of knickknacks. Try your luck there as well. If you plan on gifting a bookmark only to a select few or to just one person then this should be an interesting place to consider.

WHERE TO BUY # 5: THE CYBERSPACE – What if you don’t have the time to go around town or simply prefer less hassle? You’re lucky as this century is equipped with the presence of cyberspace. Open your computer and you will find loads of online shops and websites that sell all kinds and sorts of bookmarks from those printed in paper to the metal engraved variants!

WHERE TO BUY # 6: THE SPECIALTY STORE – Let’s say you want something really unique to give your guests. It’s a special occasion and keeping things memorable is important. If so by all means go to a specialty shop that specializes in customized bookmarks.

We hope those tips and ideas will find you the bookmark shop of your dreams!

Engraved Presents: Meaning of Figures and Shapes

January 17, 2014

When picking out engraved presents surely you’d first think of what item to purchase and what to etch on it. Such gifts can be anything really as long as they are made of items like metal and wood that will work as the craftsman’s canvass. Examples of items in this category are trinket boxes, bookmarks, jewelry, photo frames and cufflinks. Such items do not only allow for engraving but most shops will also allow you to choose the shape of the item or use certain designs and figures as the etching itself. Now, did you know that different shapes and figures connote certain meanings? Scroll down below and keep your eyes peeled to the screen. This stuff can come in handy in your gift and design choice!

First off there are three types of shapes: organic, abstract and geometric.

silver keyringsORGANIC – These are irregular, uneven, free form, asymmetrical and are characterized by curves. They often occur in nature such as the veins you see on a leaf, the clouds, and the petals of a flower as well as the arc of a rainbow. Organic shapes express spontaneity, freedom, calmness and peace.

ABSTRACT – These ones represent the above but are man-made, artificial and simplified versions. A common example would be the logos and brand icons of many companies today. Most of them resemble an object or figure found in nature or a combination of many. Another would be the stick drawings you used to make when you were kids. They represent people and animals.

GEOMETRIC – These are more symmetrical, structured and have regular patterns and dimensions. Because of this geometrical figures denote orderliness, efficiency, standards and organization. It includes the shapes we are more familiar of like circles, hearts, squares, rectangles, diamonds, triangles and stars.

Now let’s try to go a little more specific with the following:

CIRCLE – This often symbolizes infinity as circles have no beginning and end. They too highly resemble celestial bodies. They can mean completeness, freedom, well-roundedness, gracefulness, integrity, perfection, endurance, protection, unity and harmony. They can also be powerful which is why they are used to emphasize and call attention.

SQUARE, DIAMOND AND RECTANGLE – Four sided geometrical figures suggest equality, formality, reason, stability, security and honesty. They too represent things such as peace and sense. Unlike circles, squares, diamonds and rectangles are not attention seekers but instead provide calmness to the eyes. Careful play and positioning of them though can create a unique and interesting appeal. Take tile mosaics for example.

TRIANGLE – Considered the most aggressive, active and energetic of all, triangles depending on how they are positioned can mean stability as when it lays flat on its base like a pyramid or the opposite otherwise. This shape also denotes action as when they are used to point at a certain direction. Triangles can also imply strength, conflict, perseverance and progress.

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