The Biggest Myths on Internal Sliding Doors Busted

By adminjan3118
February 20, 2018

interior-sliding-doorWhat’s more important than information? The right one of course because misunderstanding and/or lack of knowledge are definite recipes for disaster. Take internal sliding doors for instance. These fixtures have been gaining traction in today’s interior design market, making noise more than ever. But what took it so long? What took us so long?

For starters, humans like tradition and we tend to prefer the things we’ve been accustomed to even if a better way of doing things is presented to us. We clung to the traditional panel doors not realizing that we have a plethora of options that are tailor fit for our needs. And then there are the good old myths, assumed facts that are nothing close to truth. These are what we’re busting today. It’s time we see internal sliding doors for what they truly are.

Myth: They are expensive.

A very common thought that people have on these fixtures is that they cost a lot. They don’t. You’d be surprised to see how affordable they are that they prove to be a great competition among its peers. Go on. Head to your favorite search bar to see for yourself.

Myth: They are a pain to install.

Kits are available in the market which allows even the unskilled and inexperienced individual to install them with success. Of course, it’s safe to say that installing all types of doors will require some work and some help, professional or not.

Myth: Their design is limiting.

Internal sliding doors are made of different materials or a combination of them, all with varying colors, dimensions and finishes. The sky is the limit when it comes to design. They can be bought ready made, for finishing and even bespoke. So this myth here above is nothing but a blatant lie.

Myth: They’re not as durable.

A feature of these doors is that they are not attached on a hinge on the wall. Instead, they have roller bearings on top and below allowing them to slide into or against the wall. This does not make them any less durable contrary to popular belief.

Myth: They’re only for modern spaces.

Internal sliding doors are versatile in that they can be easily integrated into any space regardless of design or style from rustic to minimal to industrial to modern and the list goes on. Moreover, they remain functional even if placed in tight rooms or in awkward angles as they need no swing room to work.


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